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K9 Demo from Barktober Fest

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Just now got around to uploading this. Here's one of the videos I took from the K9 demonstration. Sorry about it focusing on the little girl's dress that was standing in front of me. :mad:

I really like what I caught him saying in the very beginning. :)

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Which department was this? I used to live in Tempe for 8 years while going to ASU and working. A good friend of mine is a Phoenix officer trying to get certified for the K9 team.

Both Mesa and Gilbert were there, but if memory serves me right, Chucky is from Mesa PD.
i miss seeing K9 demonstrations at Spring Spree back home. Wonder if they still do them.... thanks for sharing.
This was my first K9 demo, and I was pretty impressed. The dog let go as soon as his handler commanded him to (I don't think that showed in the video), and there were two helpers and a total of 3 bite demos. He took each handler down once. I like how I caught him FLYING through the air in this one. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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