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JUSTICE for Roxy - Starved & EU'd GSD

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For those of you who have been following the plight of poor starved Roxy, who was EU'd by Miami Dade AS even tho there were rescues & individuals willing to step forward and save her - please consider signing this petition !!

Thank you,

Roxy's thread here:

The petition (over 2000 sigs already !).

Here is a petition on behalf of Roxy, a severely emaciated GSD, owner-turn-in to Miami Dade, who paid for the crimes committed against her with her life. She stood proud and alert, her ears up, for the camera after her owner signed her death warrant. She was killed immediately after turn-in.

The crimes committed against her created an intense outcry from animal lovers and advocates across the country.

A tripple header:

1. Her owner's abuse/neglect for her health and quality of life cost Roxy her life.

2. Why were charges not levied against the owner, or an investigation held? Regardless of cause or health issues, it is reprehensible beyond words to allow a life to suffer and waste to the extreme state of emaciation found with Roxy.

3. The unwillingness of the shelter to allow rescue and rehabilitation for Roxy. Many rescues and individuals stepped forward to help. Roxy had a local rescue ready to take her in. Policy should dictate that an animal brought in for euthanasia be signed over to the shelter for disposition.

Here is the petition:

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signed. Poor Roxy, someone should have to pay for the heinous treatment that she received.
Thanks for posting this but there are a few things I don't understand.

If she was euthanized upon arrival, how did her profile end up on the internet??

Why was she put to sleep after 3 rescues had already made a spot available for her and were willing to treat her??

I really appreciate the effort you went to but I think that answer is BS.
1 - 2 of 46 Posts
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