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Just wanted to share

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We have had CJ for 3 weeks now and just a second ago as I let him downstairs (the TV repair guy was here) I became a little teary and had to pick him up and give him a hug and kiss. Since Condor died several years ago I have had a void and he wasn't even mine, he was my husband's. It wasn't until I saw CJ tilt his head and talk to me that I realized I think we have him back. I can't describe what a joy it is to have him in the house. Even though I am about to drag the carpet scrubber up the stairs for an oops, just picked up a torn up paper towel and need a new shoe lace from this morning, I am so glad he is with us and I hope that we are able to show him how much we love him. Condor can never be replaced but he will be remembered.
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aw, that brings tears to my eyes!
Aww isn't that such a good feeling. Even though there is still a small hole in your heart, that will never go away totally, it feels so good to have to get smaller.

Even though Tasha wasn't a GSD, she is my heart dog, and everyday I look at Suesse even though that hole is still there, it is smaller.
i love it when they do the head-**** when u talk to them. its almost like they try to understand what ur saying.

im sorry about condor but im happy for u and CJ. puppies really are a lot of work and even tho they get u so frustrated u want to choke yourself lol they seem to find a soft spot in u.
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