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Just neutered

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Hi all,
Grissom was just neutered at 11 months and he is acting as if nothing happened. Even the day he came home from the hospital he was his usual self. Is this normal?
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Sure. :) Just keep him quiet so he doesn't swell up.
perfectly normal. When I got my boys neutered they were a little groggy from the meds for like an hour or so but still acted perfectly normal was hoping to drug them some more to make it easier to keep them still afterwards they were ready to go. Before I get any bad messages I wouldn't just drug my dogs.
Thank you! Keeping him still is not so easy as you can imagine!
Crate him if you have to. I know it's not easy. We had to crate ours to keep them quiet until they heeled.
Definately, keep activity down to a minimum. Currently, I'm seeing the results of letting my dog have too much access to the backyard while healing. His scrotum is swollen enough to look like he never had the surgery.
Oh my! Call me ignorant, but I was only looking at the incision and not the scrotum. His is still (forgive me) "hanging" there. Should it not be? Good gosh! I too, let him have access to the backyard since he was just laying around on my bed when he was in the house. But he did run around a bit outside. His surgery was Wednesday of last week. Should I "not" see any scrotum at this point? Can you tell this is my first neutered male dog?
It will just "hang there" for a while. I can't remember how long it took, but it won't be too long before you won't notice it. A few months and it'll look fine!
It's actually normal for an adult dog to "swell". That is why you need to keep him as quiet as possible. Basically, it's blood pooling in the scrotum and the body will reabsorb it. However, you probably should call your vet. I had a foster that swelled like that and he had an infection. You can ice it as well. I sat for 10 minutes at a time, once every hour, with an ice pack on it for him.
Also, I think since the sack is empty, it is going to look strange for a while, but not swollen, just kinda sad to see! Soon it will not be noticeable.
Keep an eye on the scrotum and most definately limit activity for 2wks. My guy's was swollen to the size of an orange. No infection, just too much activity, per the Vet.
Normal, just make sure he doesn't get too crazy because of his stitches.

Otherwise he will be fine.
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