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Mom pretty much thinks that I'm going to NOT do what I said I was going to do so that I can get a German shepherd.

I told her that I would:
Walk and train the Frenchies (since they're both like chainsaws let loose in the house).
Keep my grades at B's or above. (This one she doesn't doubt.)
Help out around the house more.
Pay for the dog myself. (After I get a job, obviously.)

So far, I've been working with the Frenchies every chance I get. I've been very diligent about doing my homework instead of rushing through it all at lunch and in the morning, and I've been making sure the house is clean before I go upstairs. As for the job - my school takes part in a program that helps high school kids get part time jobs, and I have to turn in my application to there. Then we watch a 20 minute video to better our chances to get hired. It gives the location of the job, the amount of hours they need someone to work per week, the pay, and the position. Pretty nifty if you ask me.

When I was at my dad's, I looked up the breeder I'm most interested in, who appears to be legitimate (but will be asking them questions when the time comes), and it's a 3.5 hour drive one way to their kennel. I asked mom, "When it comes time for me to get a puppy, will you go with me? It's a 3 and a half hour drive one way to the breeder's." Then she said, "Who says you're getting a puppy?" I replied, "You will.
" Then she ignored me and I asked her if she'd go with me again and she said, "Sure."

I've been good about not pestering her, though. I share my doggie knowledge with her. She's also thinking about switching dog foods! If she switches, she's going to feed Kirkland. Not the best, but it's better than Purina, and it's pretty much the same price for the same sized bag.

Didn't expect this to be so long! Sorry!
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