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Just had to tell everyone!

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Mia had her first show this weekend! She won her conformation class both days with my husband showing her! (His first time showing in a dog show!) She also scored a 95/100 in her Rally Novice to get her first leg of her Rally Novice Title. All at 7 months old! We are sooooo proud!
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Great job, congratulations!
:wild::wild::wild::wild: can i bring my pup over and train me? LOL :wub:
Absolutely, and thank you!
Congrats on all 3 counts, you guys have to be soooo proud!
We are VERY proud of her! Max, her older brother also won his Open A class and would have won two other obedience classes had I not screwed up. I'm very proud of them both. Thanks!
Meant to ask in my last post, are your dogs from the same breeder? They're beautiful.
Congrats to you ALL !!!!
Wow! Impressive! Congrats & kudos. :)
Thanks! Both of the dogs we showed last weekend are dogs we bred. The two males in my picture that appears when I post are littermates from a breeder in Colorado, they are West German lines. My original female (Hera) was from Czech Republic. When we crossed the two we got puppies that we love. It is soooo gratifying to have a dog that we bred do well in the show arena.
Way to go! Congrats to you!
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