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Dante in a self stack from the stand out of motion exercise.

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Wow, he really stopped himself nicely!

I like hisangulation front and rear, though I'd like to see better turn of stifle. Shoulder is a bit straight, but he really did a nice job aligning his front o.o! Nice angulation in the pasterns

Love the neck and chest, perfect underline, high wither nice topline, long croup if not a bit steep.

I'd like to see slightly better color and more bone for that body.

Tailset seems a bit high. Gorgeous head though ;-)

Absolutely lovely Lynn!

Is he young? He looks a little immature.
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Thanks Jackie...

He'll be three in August.
Not good on giving critique but he certainly looks good to me..
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Lynn - he really is a gorgeous boy!
Thanks guys. He's definitely my big baby boy.
Masculine male with very good bone and color. High withers, but there is a big dip behind the withers that really breaks up his topline. It makes him appear to be almost two different dogs. Slightly stretched. Good position of a croup that should be slightly longer. Good angulation in rear. Sufficient angulation in front, but he does have a nice length of upper arm. Good pasterns, can't really see his feet. He looks to be in very good condition.
Great looking gsd. Is he as good a performer as he is a looker?
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