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For first time showing I recommend getting involved with the UKC, especially since they are based in K-zoo, there are many events locally including the Premier which I'm sure you're aware of. Nicely put together working lines generally do not have a problem showing in this venue (though it depends on the judge, some still default to the American lines). Pan and Nikon are both showing next Saturday, you should come! You can even show Pan if you want to (he is in the Novice Puppy which is basically a fun match, they can't earn points until they are 6 months). Last time I showed Nikon, he was beat in his class by a working line male, his first show. That male went on to win best of breed over some American line dogs including a dog that was not only Grand Champion, but a Best in Show winner. The decoy that worked Nikon for his PA title has a working line male that is a Grand Champion I believe, my Kenya is a Champion with two legs towards her Grand, and there is another girl around our age who is always there with several working line GSDs (they all have dozens of titles, I swear she is involved in more dog sports than you and I combined!) and the dog she shows is a Grand Champion.

As far as lines/breeders, I've found the hardest thing for myself was really narrowing down what it was *I* wanted. Finding the dog was easier and took less time. But I think you already have a head start b/c of Madix. I was the same with Nikon. Having an adult dog already being trained in all the things I want to continue with, it's easier to use that dog for comparison of what we like/don't like. I don't know all the terminology myself, so when I got Pan I told the breeders examples and anecdotes about all my current dogs, and that gave them a feel for what I wanted and didn't want.
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