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Just crayzy, you got to read this

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On Tuesday night Df and I decided we would stay up really late and catch up on some movies, so around 3:00 am I realized we had not gotten the trash to the curb yet, so I told Df to take it out, prior to that the dogs were going balistic (I thought they just wanted to go to bed), but no, while Df was taking the trash up the hill, he noticed a car just sitting there in the middle of the road, so he came back quickly and jumped in the van drove up the hill and on the way there, somehow the left back tire went into the creek, he got stuck, so obviously I watch too much CSI and criminal minds, because I felt nervous and told him to call the police, that something was wrong, so the cops came out and said he couldn't do anything till 7am because the tagss were expired. So blah blah blah, we called us a tow truck at 7am, he didn't get here for 2 hours, charged us $75 to get us unstuck, then this is the nutty part...The tow truck, well his truck stopped working in our drive way, he then needed a tow truck too, so Df gave him some gas from the gas can, and the truck started, he gave us $15 was just so bizzarre!!!
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What about the car sitting in the middle of the road, don't leave me hanging

Reminds me when I stayed up late, forgot I had to bring the dog for a short walk - went out - in the scarey night and there I see a fox running from the lawn - almost lost my skin!

Now she goes out earlier
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Yeah what about the car? LOL Too freaky for me. Thanks for sharing I am home alone (well with the pups) this weekend. My 19 yo will be in and out, but I am sure he will be hiding in his room as usual.
Okay, I don't get it. Your DF is taking out the trash and there's a car sitting in the middle of the road - so he gets into the van ... why? I'm confused.
ditto, totally confused. And little sympathy after spending the last week going in and out of my house by boat with three GSD's.
yeah...i'm still in left field.

nothing against OP, am I the only one who hates DH DF DMFDSD FSENISDFSD and all that stuff, lol.
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