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Just can't get enough of these two!

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They are so freaking adorable!!

The female with out a name still :whistle:


The both of them...

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:rofl: If you read the posts carefully, you will find she is still undecided! :whistle: ;)
Well, she has PLENTY of names to choose from just from this thread for sure ;) - lucky owner!
davyn? devan?
I like Devon-I took her horseback riding when I got Rorie as a pup
How about Dora, as in aDORAble!!
Hehe - I like this reasoning (and name!) :thumbup:
Denali, Diva, Denial, Darby, Drama, Dare, Danger, Dash,
Gorgeous pups !!! Dame Darlin ??? ;)
Kinda like denial :)
Dallas Dara, Desi-Someday I am going to name a dog after a town in Texas
Dala (like Gala but with a D)?
Love Denial and "Drama".

And of course I like Diva. That was the name of my 12yo black female that I lost this year.
Awwww you're killin me here hahaha!
I always liked Danke (DAHNK-uh) for a female. German for Thank you! I sort of feel like gratitude is a nice sentiment for a super puppy!
21 - 36 of 36 Posts
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