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I haven't been posting much since losing my Layla. So here are the muppets

This is Vixen 9 years old - I used to dogsit her until her owners had a new baby and I got a text message, either I took her or she'd go to Battersea Dogs Home. I've had her 18 months. I could take 15 pictures of her and they would be identical.

This is proven by a picture I took of Fia the Fiend who I also look after,she has cancer so is on special experimental treatment.

Fia snug as a bug in rug

This is my baby Kayleigh nearly 3 years old now.
The I love the camera girl.

So rude

So regal

So bored

So tired

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Beautiful pics. My sister has a Weimerarner . He is such a character

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Love the Yoda ears on Vixen. That's how my dog looks when she's half awake or just VERY relaxed.
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