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Just a question about strangeling a puppy

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Have you ever been close to a position to strangle your puppy and the only reason you do not do it is because he or she looks so cute ?

I have pitty on myself and at the same time am so proud of myself that I keep up with the little devil . But sometimes, gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... big garden, so much space, the toad puts his bloody arse into an ant nest, full of ants on him, he goes on couch, ants everywhere on couch, then he runs around and I after him and find out ants all over, then ants on me , biting me also. Then I dug the **** ant nest up and thew it into the bushes, look back, dog eating ant nest the dirt with the ants.... why , why why why , I m gonna strangle that dog !!!! But he is so cute !!!!!!
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Ants are a very rare dish for them. :) I lol'd cause I can just see it. Nom nom nom wha? I'm not supposed to eat them?
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