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Just a little brag....

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Took Reich out to 'go potty'..and one of her arch enemies, a bird, was in the yard (how DARE IT!)

It saw her, took off...and of course she had to give chase.

I got as far as 'lea...' into a 'leave it', and she stopped dead, sat and looked at me. I told her to 'go potty', and she went back about her business.

She's been solid on leave it with inanimate objects for a couple of months now, but not so much where 'prey' or other dogs are concerned.

It is important because it's one of the commands I use when we're walking and another dog presents itself (dog aggressive).

If she's getting to the point that she will stop mid pursuit of a bird...we're getting somewhere!

I'm almost tempted to try her with my cat...but I'm not up to dealing with the end result if my poor cat proves too tempting.
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Yay Reich...GOOD GIRL!!!!

Emma and Elle hate the birds too...Wonder why that is? Is it because they see the bird as being on their territory d trying to protect? I don't know!
Reich - good girl.
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Good job Reich!
She says 'thanks'

Jenniferky...maybe it's because they have the gall to poke around the dogs' territory. She's the same way with squirrels.

Her and Wolfgang (my mother's GSD, a month younger) did manage to catch a young sparrow recently
Paralyzed the poor thing.
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