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Just a couple of questions

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I have just a couple of questions.

1. I've picked out a breeder and everything and did a search to see this forum's view of that breeder and one member said the breeder I am looking at produces "Working Lines". So that means police, rescue, etc dogs, right? So would a working line or a show line make a better pet? I mean, since I'm going to be living by myself for a while, I am looking at having he or she learn how to protect me but that's a big IF and is secondary.

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2. The second question is what is a good price range for a well bred GSD?
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Both lines make good pets and great protection dogs. Working lines tend to have more drive and are more ideal for official dog sports. If you are referring to official protection training, I would recommend a working line pup. Show line dogs will defend their own as well, but are generally not as productive in the sport world. At the same time show line dogs generally make easier pets as they do better without a 'job' and vigorous mental/physical excersise.

For prices, I'd say 600-2000 is a decent price range for reputable breeders. You'll find that show line dogs sell for the higher end of the spectrum.
Okay, so I made a good choice. Thank you!
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