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Judge: rehire fired state trooper

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Ruling: Rehire fired K-9 state trooper -

Two 15-second video clips show the training coordinator for the agency's K-9 unit suspending his dog from a railing and kicking him to force him to drop a chew toy. Jones said he was training the dog to obey.

Hardin ruled that although Jones' actions were not among the training techniques specifically approved by the Highway Patrol, they were no worse that the agency's accepted methods.

Hardin said the Highway Patrol's dog training methods included whipping dogs, hitting them with sticks, and using choke collars and stun guns.

"All of these training techniques are extremely harsh and well beyond what an owner of a typical 'house' pet would use to discipline or train a 'family' dog," Hardin wrote.

"Canine handlers were taught to rule with an 'iron fist' as canines were 'weapons' which had to be under control."

Last I checked, using a clatter stick or whip during bite work / agitation was a pretty different situation than hanging a dog by the collar and kicking it repeatedly, but what do I know. I'm no judge. :mad::mad::mad:

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Thats just wrong.
I can understand the club or whip. An assailant might pick up a stick or something and a K9 would be expected to continue to engage.

But hanging a dog up by the neck and kicking it? I could not watch someone do that. I would have to hurt him. I guess that unless you beat or kick your dog to death, you can simply claim you are training him if you are an LEO and if the dog is a K9 or K9 in training.

I know there have got to be many, many K9 trainers, who do nothing of the sort. But with the dogs being targetted and boobie trapped by criminals, and some having seriously harsh training like this, who would want to produce dogs for this type of work?
That's animal abuse, plain and simple. I think if you have to rely on such harsh methods to produce police dogs, you are either not a very good trainer or the dogs you are training just aren't suited for the job.
he should not get his job back. there is absolutely no reason for that nonsense. He was abusing the dog, plain and simple as that. These kinds of "methods" are what make the dog turn on the handler rather than doing the job they're "trained" to do or in this case beaten to do. there are things you can do to a certain extent for that kind of training because lets face it, intense job requires intense training, but flat out abusing the dog... i dont think so. Someone should beat that judge and the "officer" and see how they feel about. Maybe they're change their methods and mindset. Lord knows i would want a dog who'd been abused during training anywhere near anyone else on the streets. I hope the breeder they get their dogs from, hears about this and refrains from selling them dogs and that word gets around and they arent able to get dogs. I think K9 trainers and handlers should go through a strict training course every 6 months on how to properly train, handle, and dicipline the dogs. if they dont pass with flying colors they lose their position and have to retest in 6 months.
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That kind of logic is reprehensible to me. The judge is a moron and should lose his/her job too.
If he is using unapproved training methods he should be fired. If the judge says he needs to be reinstated he needs to be reinstated to another unit because he has shown that he will not conform to the departments dog training methods.
If that individual has to be reinstated, it should be
to a desk job far far away from the canine officers. If that judges ruling means they really have to reinstate him to his previous position, it should be
appealed as far up the ladder as possible. He should not be allowed near canine officer training again.

Wonder if the judge actually watched some training sessions with the other "techniques" or relied just on testimony.

Horrible ruling.
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