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Jolly Ball Fun - Cisco

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awwww so cute and he's getting so big! Masi loves her jolly balls, sometimes she'll start shaking them and practically knock herself out LOL..

In fact yesterday, I had a housefull, she has one inside and one for outside, she was taking that thing, and clamping down on the handle at the base , squeezing it tight, my inlaws were 'shocked', my husband said, 'good thing it's not your arm' :)
That's great! It looks like he is having so much fun!
Oh my he is getting soooo big! Awesome pictures (as always)
Panzer still hasn't figured out that he can squeeze the ball. He just carries it around by the handle. Silly boy. :rolleyes:

Your pictures are great!
He looks like hes having fuuuun!!! Neek doesnt like tennis balls but likes his wiggly giggly ball, Im going to have to get him a jolly ball! if he doesnt like it will send to Cisco LOL ! Hes differnt thats why we call him our "special needs" rescue:crazy:
Cisco is a cutie.
Awesome pictures. We've got the same ball but it doesn't look as good anymore LOL

Wolf has "killed" at least 4 jolly balls in the same amount of months. Wish I could figure out why it is so much fun. Good pics.
Juli loves her Jolly ball too, but she doesnt put it in my lap until it has a lot of her slobber on it!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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