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Jesse playing in his first pool - 7 months old

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Tonight at around 8:30 p.m. when lightening storms had just finished going by, we sent Jesse out for a pee but he instead decided to play for his very first time in his new pool we got him yesterday (had no interest in it till tonight). We couldn't resist allowing him to do it cause he was having so much fun, so what that I will have a wet dog for bed. You can check out the three videos we took off our digital camera at Youtube:
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That was great!!!! We will have to buy one for Link.
Looks like a fun time...I've been thinking of getting a baby pool for the girls.
That is Leo's favorite swimming pool game too. He loves to dig the water and make it fly everywhere. He says to tell Jesse that you can do the same thing in a water bowl if you get in a pinch.
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SO CUTE! I'm SO getting one for my Pup!!
Too cute! We have a pool, looks to be the same size, for Chevy and he loves it and "digs" in it as well
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That's funny!

Morgan's never dug in the pool. My kids have the BIG walmart plastic pool with the slide - 6 ' across about 18" deep - Morgan LOVES it but she never gives a warning when she's going to do a cannonball!
I got Shadow a baby pool, but he wont' go near it!!!! The kids have even gone in and sat down calling him, but Shadow won't budge. I'm hoping that if I change the water every day, he'll go in on his own when I'm not looking.
I thought Jesse wouldn't go into his pool either took him 24 hours till he discovered that it can be fun, I threw some of his toys in it and he started by taking them out and crawling in to get some more then turned into "wow isn't this fun to dig and have the water fly everywhere".
Have to try that tomorrow, unfortuneatly, his favorite toy seems to be the kids' socks, and don't know if I want to use those!!! Have to find something different to entice him.
lol, by the way did you go to Woofstock on Sunday? and if so was Shadow good?
couldn't get there. I didn't finish work until 5am Saturday, and we went to the drive in on Saturday night. YAWN!!!! However, we did take him to the drive in with us. He was fantastic!!! Played with numerous kids of all ages, and some other dogs as well. Don't think he thought much of the movie though. He fell asleep before I did.
Drive in where????????? I only know of one up near Wassaga Beach and one just north of Barrie and I think one in Downtown Toronto
There's one in Oakville, and also one in Guelph. It was a nice night, so we drove up to Guelph. Only took about 45 minutes, cheaper than the theatre, and the kids and Shadow loved it. Plus being in our own car, I didn't have to worry about disturbing anyone with my snoring. Plus, if Shadow can't go, we don't go as a general rule. We try to plan family outings that the entire family can participate in.
Originally Posted By: Shadow Mum Plus, if Shadow can't go, we don't go as a general rule. We try to plan family outings that the entire family can participate in.
Yup that is what I do to.... like today walked at Conservation area then shopped at Global Ryan's and Petsmart and gas station
This past weekend, during the mid atlantic heatwave, I got our plastic baby pool out and filled it up, and our 7 month old Kuno also had his first pool experience. He loved it! Did the same thing - digging in the water. I kept tossing his rubber ball in and then he started dropping it in himself and fishing it out.

He also really had fun trying to "get the water" when I used the hose to add more. Great fun.
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