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Jesse 7 months finally figured out he can swim!!!

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We bought this week drop in stairs for our pool and installed them and Jesse now has learned how to get in and out of the pool and has discovered he loves to swim. Today was his first day swimming. Here is a link of a video taken today.
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Jesse is a super cool funny dog! I also loved watching him dig all the water out of his kiddie pool in his other videos. He's very smart and brave for a seven month old pup. I wish I had an in ground pool for my seven furry filter cloggers:)
Oh how cool!!! Swimming is SUCH great exercise for the dogs, and low impact also, I wish mine liked to swim....LOL! Haven't really tried Brandie yet, but Cody loves to run into the water and just kinda stand there...
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Now that was cool...Love the way he dropped the ball and then came after it, especially since he's never been swimming!!
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