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jeepers again

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Anyone have any causes for a dog to throw up right after drinking water???
Kaiya just came off steroids and antibiotics 2 weeks ago and this week she has started to vomit right after drinking. We have her bowl raised on a table 12" high and shes not drinking all that fast but most everytime she drinks she pukes

We put a call in to the vet (gonna get her a room there) and shes going in tomorrow morning
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Have you tried lowering the bowl? I don't know that that would work but it seems like something easy and free that you might want to try.
Also is the water cold? Does it happen after she has been active? Maybe she is panting and drinking? I would lower the bowl.
Could she be drinking too much at one time? I had to monitor the amount of water Too drank her whole life. She'd puke when she drank too much. I'd allow her to drink what I "thought" was enough, pick up the bowl, wait a couple minutes and put it down again. Usually she didn't want more, but if she did then I'd also monitor that amount until she was thru.
well this time of year we put a bowl on the porch with us so its on the deck and its the same as when she drinks from her raised bowl.
Also this is ocurring at anytime - active or not.
The bowl in the kitchen(her raised bowl) is room temp and the bowl on the porch ususally gets a few ice cubes on hot days but again she vomits from both.
Also forgot to add -we have been giving her bottled water the last two days with no change.
Boy we sure are on a first name basis at the vets
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If it happened just after the use of antibiotics, maybe adding more benefical bacteria (probiotics supplement), will help settle her upset stomach again.
Is she doing the urp urp urp type of vomit or just a blat splat type?

The only thing coming up is water?

Where is mamagoose!
Jean everything down theres comin up - but its not retching- just a big splat.
She's discharging a yellow puss from one eye now

Just waiting for the vet to open
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I will make sure -we're booked in at noon today so a sick day for me (and Kaiya).
I'll post up tonight Tx
The vet checked her over thoroughly and as per another post in here mentioned the high pollen content this spring for her eyes -but did some sort of 'green dye scratch test' and all looked good. She gave us a steroidial crean for the eyes.
Now the vomit issue....
We are moving this Friday and I have been taking loads up north every week and also have been living up north during the week for work for a while now and with the ramping up of stress packing the last 2 weeks the vet thinks its a stress issue. She gave us some antacids and said that if she continues after this weekend (once we're moved) to come back in.
I had kind of thought the stress of all the 'stuff' leaving the house may have had an impact on Kaiya as she is extremely needy

I guess we will just keep our eye on her and hope this weekend with the family unit being back together that shes ok
Tx all for advice ~Res
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