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Time is flying by fast. My new pup is already over 2 weeks old! At this point, only 6 weeks until she is actually here with me.

I am tired but, I can't sleep and this has been on my mind tonight.

Arthur is jealous, or rather I think he has resource guarding issues. Mainly of the bed. Some examples. I often have bottle goats throughout the year. I usually end up sleeping with them in my bed. If I start talking or petting, or even if the kid just jumps up. Arthur(who is usually always in his crate when I am interacting with kids) he will begin barking, whining, panting, and spinning. He will do this for up to an hour. Even after I removed the goat(and I will not let him out until he is calm)

Last year I fostered a little puppy for a week. Arthur loved the little guy. Though he did growl once when puppy tried to drink out of his water. That was my fault. Then, whenever I'd try to work with the puppy(He was terrified of humans) arthur would start barking, and scratching. I was in a completely different room on another level of the house but as soon as he heard me talking to the other dog or just making noise he would go off. And whenever I pet puppy near him, he would push into me(almost like a cat) and begin whining and panting. He does this sometimes with goats too. This was last year just as he turned 12 months.

He does still show some of this behavior occasionally. Though, he does not mind at all me giving my sisters or neighbors dogs all the attention in the world, nor does he do it if we are out(Say in the trailer or bunkhouse for a weekend), or even in any other room of the house. Just the bedroom(Which also happens to be where I spend 90% of my indoor time)

I began taking steps to eliminate this about a month ago. No bed(Though he does often end up on the bed again by morning), and when I do get the pup I plan to completely separate, maybe even have my sister house Arthur for 3 days or so. I absolutely hate dogs dependent on each other and I want bonding time with puppy, but I think that may be good for arthur as well. After that, I plan to keep them separate for many months(4-6 at least) though they would sometimes get walks and training together. I just thought I would get some more opinions on this situation as I am often thinking about this. I don't think it will be an issue but, I would rather be prepared and try to prevent it than have to separate them 24/7 or end up with codependent dogs.
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