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Jaina at 5 Months

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Haven't posted in awhile, so snapped some quick pics of Jaina tonight while she was still clean lol.
Let me know what you think, we are in the process of getting her UKC registered and her first show will be in January or February.
She is set up on a 600-700 crate. I know her back hoc should be more parallel but kind of ran out of room :)

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she looks good! very pretty girl.
She's a beautiful girl. :D Is her name WoW related? lol
Ahhhhhhh what a beautiful little girl!!! Is she a long stock? Do you mind if I ask how much she weighs? I think my little one is growing a tad on the slow side.
Shes beautiful!!
Dang, can't see posted pics at work, only albums.
Thank you, and yes she her name is WOW related lol and yes she is a Long Stock Coat :). I don't know her weight as I just go by feel on her since I had her a bit overweight for a growing GSD when she was younger. If she starts getting too thin I just up her food but otherwise I keep her lean.
her pigmentation is seriously stunning. very pretty
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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