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JAckson now 2 years old

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Jackson (JAck) is now 2 years old
Time flys way to fast
I have gotten my Bh so far on him and we are working toward our sch1
Here is a time line of him growing up :wub:

8 weeks old

maybe 3 1/2 months

just shy of a year old

1 year

1 1/2

2 years old

sorry for all the pics :D:wub:
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Those photos are fantastic! I loved looking at them :) He is incredibly handsome and congrats on your BH, I'm hoping for Madix to go for that next Summer/Fall...
he has matured into a very handsome guy! i could hug him!.... if i knew him lol. He's a good looking dog and good job on the BH and good luck on the next title you guys go for!!!
What a hunk! He is beautiful... love his coat. Looks like he is great shape. :) Good luck with you SchH1 title keep us update on the progress.
Thank You All!!
I love that last pic, LOL
Haha me too :)
He was waiting for me to give him his tug toy <3
Thank You :):wub:
What a good looking dog!!! LOVE those sables.
Love the pics, very neat seeing them 'grow up' like that. Thanks for sharing!!
he looks great
Great pictures!! I love to see how they change over time..he sure is handsome!
he has grown up so fast
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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