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I've always wondered if Dieter *really* loved us..

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Now I know!

My brother dog-sat while my BF and I went to a stag and doe out of town this weekend. We left Saturday AM and were home Sunday 6pm. Dieter is never really overly affectionate. He's a snuggler, but not big on being pet or fussed over. I always kind of wonder if he truly cares about us, or if he just sees us as a meal ticket (ha ha).

Well, my brother told us that Dieter didn't rest the whole time we were gone, while he was out of his crate. He said he paced by the front door (I said he was likely feeling he had to step up and watch the house, because the "bosses" were away) and would NOT relax. As soon as we got in, the poor boy was kissing BF and I, and just couldn't get himself close enough to us *laughs*. He then had a bone, grabbed his "suckie-ball" and dozed on his pillow. This isn't the first time we've left him w/ my brother for the weekend, but I really think Dieter actually cares now
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I have to leave mine for a week coming soon. I'm scared. =(
Sweet story! Gracie is like that when DH is away. She won't settle for me, is always between me and the door. Once he gets home, she grabs her baby doll, jumps on the couch and "suckles" herself to sleep. They are amazing, aren't they?!!

"Mayday, Mayday... Persons missing from the flock! Mayday!..."

Awwww, poor baby, he was missing his people!
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Originally Posted By: AmyM
"Mayday, Mayday... Persons missing from the flock! Mayday!..."

Well said Amy!!!

Sounds like you were definitely missed and <u>are <u></u>most definitely </u>loved!!!

(thanks for putting a huge smile on my face too!!
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aww sounds like someone missed you!! lol.

when we went away overnight without beamer, she was with my mother in law, she said beams whined at our door the entire night, didnt want anything to do with her or her dog. lol. just wanted us.
I had to leave Shilo when I deployed for 5 months. My DH said there first two weeks, she moped around the house and hardly ate a thing. When I came back, we pulled up to the house and my DH went up to the front door and let her on the porch. He then turned and pointed at me and said "Who's that over there?" I was done for. She made a beeline right off the porch, knocked me over and pinned me with all her kisses. I swear to this day she was doing the happy dance!!
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