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Does anyone still remember Zelda and me?

What a long journey, but I can't believe how quickly the time has flown by.. I'm honestly teary-eyed reading some of my old posts, so many memories.. good and bad...

I suppose recent events have started to put a change in my recent decline in giving Zelda more training/exercise like we use to! She is getting older now, she has gray on her muzzle and a little skin tag.. old lady signs! :(
This recent event is my sister's dog death, just about a year older than Zelda, died very suddenly. Long story shortened.. She was acting sick, vomiting, and not wanting to eat. Which was a severe case for Griffynn, because she was a huge food hound. Anyways, after a day or so, my sister brought her to vet because this was super unusual. The vet gave cerenia for nausea/vomiting, and sent her home, said to just keep an eye on her. Morning came, her temperature went away, still no eating, but she started to drink a little. No bowel movements still. Well (i'm working night shifts) so I slept all day and wasnt able to keep eye on her, when I woke up, she looked super sick to me... I asked my sister (because its her dog, but this dog was very special to me..) if she had checked her temperature since she came home, as i was headed out the door for work.. She said in the morning she did. (I was in a rush for work, so I didnt even say goodbye to Griffynn, but she looked at me, and i can still picture it.) Apparently, after I left my sister checked her temperature.. I was at work, and on a break, i got a message from my sister that Griffynn had to be put down. My sister checked her temperature, and it was so high, the temperature was to a point where seizures and brain damage can occur.. So that is when my sister rushed her to the emergency vet. I guess she had a rupture in an intestine, bacteria flooded her body, and she was septic, and really there was nothing they could do. She was in so much pain. And my sister had to put her down. She was stoic the entire time, even getting up and wagging for the vet, being the friendly sweet heart she was!

TL;DR... Always leave as if its your last time seeing your dog, friend or family. Because it certainly eats you up inside if you don't. And you never know the last time you will have with your dog, so try and enjoy the time that you have because of their already short lives- because life moves so quickly and so does their age.

On another note.... Zelda seemed kind of off for a while, as Griffynn was the dog she loved and looked up to, I think she just is missing something in her life now that she had before, so i have to step up my game more anyways, which in turn is good for me as well! Her hips are really iffy some days, and some months seem to be good, inflammation gets her bad I think the worst in summer? She is still fear aggressive to ALL strangers, but i manage her super easy now. She has however allowed my sister-in-law to be in her "circle of trust" which is so nice to see! The last month or so Zelda is SUPER into toys.. it's not like she wasn't before, but now she is all about it and trying to get everyone to play with her and chase her, etc.

I love this dog so much still! I'm thankful for every moment, even the rough ones, as i've learned so much through it all. Hopefully, I have many more years with her. <3

Hope you all have been well. I look forward to coming back into the forums for the support I've always had, and to give my opinion whether or not its helpful/wanted LOL

Sweet Griffy's face, rest in peace sweet one <3


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