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First some guy almost hits me while I'm sitting in a turn lane and he wasn't paying attention...

Then we take Dutch to the indoor dog park that we frequent and he gets attacked by a three legged GSD. I think he's okay, he doesn't look hurt, but he was really freaked out.

I'm still really upset about the whole thing... We had been there for maybe 45 minutes and he was running around and having a good time. There were a bunch of GSDs there and then this three legged boy shows up. I hadn't seen him there before so I approached the owner and told her I thought she had a beautiful dog.

Apparently he was nearly three years old. Another GSD owner had said the dog was born with an abnormality and had to have his leg removed. I mentioned that I had the rug rat as Dutch came over and sniffed at her dog. Next thing I know he's lunging, knocking Dutch over, and standing over him growling and biting at him.

Dutch was screaming bloody murder. It sounded like the dog was killing him. A bunch of people ran over and helped us separate them. Dutch ran off screaming. We were able to get him and get out of there. The owner never even came over and apologized.

I'm never going back there again. They don't do temperament tests and there isn't enough staff on hand to deal with situations like this. I just hope Dutch isn't scarred from it mentally. We've worked really hard to socialize him and he loves people and other dogs.

Then to top it all off we might have gotten a speeding ticket from one of those photo radar vans..... not a great night.

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