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it's as clear as mud :o)

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I have been reading so much about herding that my head is spinning.
We went to an instructor who I fear her methods just won't work with Gracie (and her personality didn't match with me). So off to find another.

What's got my head spinning is tending, herding.....AKC, HGH, AHBA, ATBA......who's who, what's what?!!!! All the titles and test requirements are different.

I'm thinking of trying out Fly Away Aussies (Chris Davies) in PA or a guy named Geary Loff in northern NJ.

Any input on either?
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Here is the website for AHBA (The American Herding Breed Association)

It seems to me, at least for the first two AHBA titles (HCT and JHD) that they are fairly similar to the first two AKC titles of HT and PT.

There isn't HGH herding around here, so I can't help you with that!
I have heard a lot of good things about Chris Davies but I do not have any personal experience with either.
Are you a member of your local GSD club? I was pointed in the right direction by the president and told which to avoid.
I know Brix Eichenluft is working quite nicely in HGH herding, so it should be in the genes!

I work at geary's and can answer any questions you have. Email me at [email protected]

Chris Davies is a good trainer. And her stock works great. She always has something going on at her place. I have not worked with her. There is also another lady in NJ that is good but not sure if she is taking any new people.
Do you know the name of the person in NJ? PM me if you don't want to post it publically. THANKS.
Her name is Katherine Spence. She is very knowledgeable in herding. She has done AKC, ASCA and AHBA herding.
I haven't come across her name. Where in NJ is she located?
She is located in the Schmong area.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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