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It's a mice time of year

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I was sitting outside, talking on the phone, watching Ki and Tink (cat) try to catch what I thought was a lizard in the smoker wood. Ki (pretty quick for a senior citizen) caught it and dropped it in my lap to give it to me. It was a MOUSE. When he dropped it in my lap, it first tried to run UP my shirt. I shrieked and dropped the phone and then the mouse and I did a dance while it ran around my feet trying to avoid the dog and cat.

My neighbor laughed so hard, he snorted his beer and about drowned himself.
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I guess KI didn't realize his "gift" was still alive!
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That is too funny! I wish we could've seen it. At least it wasn't a snake.
Thats too funny!!! Too bad it wasn't on video LOL
OMG I wish I saw that, thank you so much for the laugh, I needed it today

(had to edit this to add these in cause I am still laughing)
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Oh too funny!!!!
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