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Issues with dogs bed

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Ok my 8 month old GSD has some issues, she goes to her bed (crate) when told to and does fine in it. The issue is she chews on the bed inside the crate and destroys them. She has even chewed the pastic bottom and I had to throw it out. I have given her tons of chew toys, and even sprayed her new bed with a spray that should keep her from chewing but it did not work. She starts chewing about 30 min after being in her crate. At night she sleep out of the crate on the floor and doesnt chew anything up all night. Its just when I leave and have to put her in the crate even for 30 minutes I come back and its all chewed. I thought of not putting anything in but the wire bottom would not be a nice thing to lay on. Has anyone else had this issue?
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me me me! I've bought Cody 2 beds. both got ripped to shreds. he too, has chewed apart a plastic crate bottom.

I replaced the crate bottom (as you said the wire would be very uncomfortable) and he has not re-chewed up this one. I'm guessing a treat, toy, bug or something got stuck under the plastic and that's why he did that. it has not been a re-occurring problem.

i am however done buying him beds. he has blankets i don't care about in there
Try to take the hints....she doesn't want bedding in her crate...I know if I crated Jake with anything but a stuffed Kong it would be chewed up. He seems to prefer laying on tile and the hard woods to area carpets....You can buy a metal pan if she continues to chew a plastic pan. Do you also crate her when you are home to see if it's anxiety that is causing her to chew?
We had a similar issue with our 6 month old chewing his bed. We took his bed away for a week and since he hass had it back he hasn't chewed it.
My dog ripped his bed to shred just this morning... I have the metal can, I thought I was doing him a favor by providing a comfortable bed.
We don't give beds in crates, but they do have beds in the living area of the house and in our bedroom. Even the puppy doesn't chew, but they are supervised at that age with things like that so it's not an issue for us.

I would not put a bed in the crate, and I would get a kennel cab style crate so he can't chew up the pan.
For puppies I always use big towels for bedding. If the towel doesn't get torn up I move up to an old blanket folded up. Once we have no problem with that, I buy the foam mattress pads in walmart for about $17 fold it over, cover it with an old sheet (keeps the option for chewing minimal). Lakota had chewed up one of the older dogs beds a little bit, she got the corners. It was old anyway, so when I got a new bed I took that slightly chewed up foam pad, wrapped it up in a sheet and used it in Lakotas crate. Since she has learned soft cushy beds are nice, she hasn't chewed any more beds.
Thank you all! I was thinking of doing a metal bottom, where would I find one? Also I have given her sheets and towels but she shreds them and eats parts of them so I don’t give those anymore. She does do it when we are home as well, the bitter spray did not seem to help either. I’m working on creating an outdoor dog run that I can put her in but in the summer time in Phoenix this is not an option. I would love to allow her free roam of the house while I am gone but just don’t trust her yet... If I leave her in the back yard without watching her she digs up plants, and goes swimming in the pool. I take her for walks every night for a good 45 minutes so I don’t think it’s not enough exercise as after wards we play ball and she lays around and chews bones.
She doesn't need blankets in her crate. Just put her in the crate with nothing. She'll learn to sleep. Dogs that shred and eat beds and blankets shouldn't get blankets. ;) You run the risk of an obstruction surgery in your future if you keep giving her these things.
I tried this with my pup around 5 months , he tore his doggy pillow up . Tried it again 3 months later at 8 months and he layed on it without chewing or anything . It seems that he grew out of his chewing stage . be careful with what you put in there kennel or around it , i just lost a pup due to her ingesting a darn towel . there quick so be cautious.
I found that Ozzy only tore up the expensive bed I bought him. First I got him a bed from Walgreens for $8. Aiden was the one that ripped it out of there and tore it to shreds. Stupid me for leaving the crate open while we were upstairs. So I got him a $20 orthopedic bed. Ozzy had a hayday with that one! Tearing the foam to bits and the zipper and everything. There was nothing left of the poor thing. Then I got him a $4 cat bed that fit in his crate, and he hasn't touched it, but Aiden keeps trying to get it. Sometimes I just wanna thwack him.

I know you guys are probably like, "TWENTY IS EXPENSIVE!?" Haha. But do you know how hard it is to find a bed small enough to fit in that tiny little crate!? LOL
Confucius say: Dogs that chew bed, sleep on the floor.
LOL I don't mean to laugh but we are soooooo kind to our dogs! If the dog doesn't like or chews up the bed in the crate then don't put a bed in the crate. Lol my friend did the same thing, he said "I am going through beds like crazy" what do I do. He went through like 5 beds or so till he got the idea. IMO, I would take the dog for a long leash walk before bed to get rid of some energy, don't just let him or her walk in front of you on an expandable, I mean make her or him walk next to you in a heel. Good luck, Jeff
Echo has never liked any bedding in her crate; she would chew it up or scratch it over in pile in the corner. Even out of the crate, she rarely lays on the carpet, a rug, or any of the several dog beds around the house: she always prefers the hardwood or the tile floors. Must be because she once a dragon, and she still runs hot...
I myself have never had a bed in Brodys crate. I put down a towel for him and he actually just pushes it to the corner! Brody also like Jake, likes the tile floor! He has a bed outside of his crate that he doesnt chew, but if he's feeling frisky and decides to attack the bed, I just take it away! I only have a kong toy in there for him because if I'm not home, I don't want to take the chance of him swallowing something bad!
No, we don't because we don't put beds in their crates. The beds are in the house. the crates are either just the pan only or sometimes towels/blankets.
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