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Isa got her BH!

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Yesterday, Isa got her BH under Ann Dole who was very helpful at giving pointers to me when we did the seminar today. She gave good ideas on how to do the voraus and different ways to teach the dumbell exercise and she even got Isa to bark at the helper! It was very fun!

Isa in the morning

There were 7 dogs and all of us passed!

She's one happy girl!

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Big congrats Missy!!
Hats off to everyone on a job well done.
Congratulations Isa!
Great photos!
Woohoo Isa and Missy!!!! Congratulations! Didn't expect anything less from you two, you look like a pro out there!

In the group pic, with all seven dogs, what kind of dog is the far left one? This dog caught my eye, reminds me of Keeta.
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That's awesome Missy! She's one happy girl and I'll bet you are one proud mama!
Was this at the trial Willamette Valley Schutzhund Club held?
I so wanted to come watch but couldn't find on their website where it was being held
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Congratulations! Such a pretty girl.
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Yahooo!!!!!!! WTG you guys!!
Oops, the judges last name is Dolan, my bad...

This was actually at the field I normally train at, the Allgemeiner Hundesport Klub in Battle Ground.

That dog is a Hovawart, I hope I spelt that right. Her name is Luna and she loves people.

Thank you everyone! Isa enjoyed all the attention she got.
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The pics are very nice!!! I had to come home from work to see them!
Congrats to you!!!!
Very nice pictures!!
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Originally Posted By: mjbgsd
That dog is a Hovawart, . . . . and she loves people.
Hey, that even sounds like Keeta! Too weird!
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