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Isa and Cody's brags!

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Isa got her first leg towards her CD and rally advance title! I was so excited since the last time I had her in obedience, she wasn't feeling good so she stopped in the middle of the ring and wouldn't do anything.

Cody got his RA title and now we're waiting to get his RAE title!

<u>Isa in Rally and Obedience</u>

and her reward, playing!

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CONGRATS!! That's great!
Congratulations! Isa's heeling looks wonderful - and she's a real beauty too. Beauty and brains, what a nice package!

That's Pat Krause judging isn't it? I showed under her recently.
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Congrats!! Keep up the good work!!

Isa is a doll and seems to really be enjoying the work!
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Congratulations. Looks like you both performed beautifully.
Congrats to you guys!!!!!
Thanks! She really had fun!
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