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Very common for dogs to become more suspicious and a little more fearful after dark. AND she may be going through another fear period, so that her reaction level was heightened.

At 7.5 months, she isn't anywhere near being protective, and all such situations are fear barking. As other have said, continue with the socialization, if you don't already do this, always have her on leash when outside, especially after dark. Make a point of taking her out after dark for walks and play sessions. Communicate confidence and fun in the energy you give out. If she reacts fearfully (barking, growling, hackling), do not correct (no use in correcting fear!), but pull her back, get her attention.
Act matter-of fact. Act like the object of her fear is the most boring thing in the world.

Once she stops barking and pays attention to you, be happy! Play with her, laugh and give her treats. It is all about making the scary situation into a fun and non-threatening one.
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