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is this normal?

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So this is my first GSD puppy, and granted she's been a little under the weather of late because of changing her food up ( the other stuff was too rich) and now a possible UTI or something similar. I took her to the vet and weighed her and she weighs 22 LBS, she's 12 weeks old tomorrow, and she just looks skinny! I know she is probably at about 21 LBS right now from being a bit sick ( but still playful) but even before all this to me she just looked skinny, maybe because I was used to me heeler who as a puppy was a bit of a chunk, but the GSD has a very defined waist, ribby/bony. The vet keeps telling me she looks fine, and so does the breeder ( who is a friend). I feel like a terrible puppy mom! Can anyone share their pics of their pups? thoughts? stories?
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I brought my GSD puppy home at 8 weeks old and she weighed about 5 pounds. I took her to the vet the next day for her vet check and the vet said she was small...but other than that she looked healthy. And she slowly gained weight as time went on. I also went through several issues with Uschi. She had constant diarrhea, a UTI, vaginitis twice. But now all those issues are gone and she is just a typical wild-n-crazy GSD! LOL

When I first brought her home at 8 weeks.

My friend holding her at 3 months old...

About 3 months old here too.

Thanksgiving last year...she would have been 5 months old.

Here she is at 13 months old!

And here she is at 16 months old (taken last night)

Do you have any pictures of your puppy cuz we love puppy pictures! LOL
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OMG yours is so danged cute! that face ! I will have to find a couple that I took a couple days ago.


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What a cutie! I don't think she looks skinny, at this age they get taller over night so alway look a bit thin. Our pup is 4 and a half months old and everytime I think she gets to the point of looking just right and her ribs are not showing quite so much, she shoots up hight wise and starts looking like I don't feed her anymore again. I think it's a cycle that will just keep on happening until fully muture!
22lbs at 12 wks is right on target. They do A LOT of growing at this stage...most of it vertical so they tend to lose the plump puppy look and start looking lean. She looks like she is a good weight..and she is a cutie. Welcome.
Your puppy is adorable. I don't think she is skinny at all. :)
I wouldnt be too worried about the weight. as long as they are eating right and show/exhibit normal energy levels, you are feeding her right.
Looks good to me too, so adorable. You should see a defined waist/rib cage. Everyone tells me that mine look too skinny
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