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Hi Folks,
somehow I always seem to fall for the runt of the litter, and as with my 4 y/o rat terrier boy who was also a runt, I fell for Tawny our 9 week old German shepherd. (shes just under 10lbs) Her belly is nice and round,she eats with passion lol, and shes just precious and active as can be, but I wanted to check with others that know the breed to see if this is ok, since all the weight charts I can find show her as way under the norm. She did come from a litter of 13 if you can believe that so maybe that contributes to her smallish size?
I feed her twice daily, as thats what my vet reccomends and shes on a standard puppy kibble(about a 1.5 cups) with a bit of canned mixed in.

any help would be greatly appreciated:)
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