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Hi, just a few quick clarifications before my upcoming trial, if you don't mind. I basically know the pattern which is why I am trying to be lazy and avoid looking it up in the rule book. I did look it up online, but getting conflicting answers.

The in motion exercises for IPO2:
Walking sit in motion
Walking down in motion with recall - or is it running down?
Walking stand in motion - no recall correct? Walk 15 paces, turn around, acknowledge the judge, walk back to your dog, say fuss (to basic position) and then the exercise is over. Is that correct? Or is it sit and then exercise is over?

Thanks in advance!

For protection:
run 4 blinds
call out
escape with reattack
After reattack:
back transport.
helper attacks handler out of back transport - followed by out, then walk to dog, and fuss out to the long bite? or is there a side transport there?
... long bite
out, reattack
side transport to judge
fuss to critique area
--- moment of truth aka critique :) ---

Anything incorrect?

Thanks in advance!
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