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I'd like your input on the best way to conduct these introductions.

Kelly is 8 months old, and adjusting to life in our immediate family very well. Soon, we will be traveling to stay at my oldest daughter's place for a weekend visit. So, new place, strange smells and sounds for her.

What steps can I take, and how can I make this a great visit for all, and expand Kelly's social integration to the wider family?


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Take the crate! And a baby gate if you have one so if you do need management it's easy.

Also have a definite plan (and have everyone know before you get there) that the PUPPY is a priority during the visit and you will have to disappear periodically for a few hours to walk/socialize/hike/play with your puppy.

This is a GREAT opportunity to expose your puppy to more socialization in it's life.
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