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Hi everyone,

My partner and I are picking up our new GSD puppy next Friday (can't wait!) and I was after a bit of advice about introducing her to our cockatiel...!

Our bird is pretty spoiled and likes to think that she is the pack leader! We have always left her cage door open when we are at home so that she can come and go as she likes and she will normally sit on a shoulder and hitch a ride round the house with us.

Obviously we know never to leave the two alone together etc., but I was just wondering if anyone had any advice about how to introduce the two, train the puppy that the bird is not a fun play mate etc...! Someone has suggested using a noise bottle to teach the puppy a 'leave it' command, but the problem with this is that it would startle the bird who is then likely to fly round the room screeching which will just get the dog more excited!!

Any advice/previous experience would be really appreciated!!!

Thanks, this site has been great!

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