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Have someone bring home a piece of baby-worn clothing from the hospital before you come home. The dog can smell that and the baby won't seem so unfamiliar. I never let my dog lick or smell either one of my two newborns for 2-3 months after birth. I'm not scared of it attacking the baby but its a big dog and one wag of that big tail could mean serious injury to a newborn. The dog can smell the baby from across the room just fine and there is no reason why it should stick its nose in the baby's lap.

It is also very important not to neglect your dog when the baby comes. Make sure you keep up the walks, play time, etc. Work on obediance while holding the baby and give plenty of treats when he follows commands. Keep the dog involved by petting him when you hold the baby or are just haning out on the couch...again, for me there was no dog/baby contact for the first few month. I'd be holding the baby and petting my dog.

After a few months, I'd let the dog come up and smell/lick the baby. I taught my dog 'easy' means to be gentle with playtime and grabbing a toy so used that when it was interacting with the baby. Our dog would inch her nose very slowly to the baby to give them kisses, very cute when it happened.

As someone already mentioned, make sure you remain calm and relaxed throughout the first few weeks.months. The dog needs to learn that the baby is not a source of stress for you or him.
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