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Internet Sites for Frontline and HW Meds

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I need to stock up on some supplies.

Frontline and Iverhart

Where is the best internet site to order from?

Thanks in advance.
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You may want to check out this thread before ordering frontline . It has not been as good for controlling fleas/tics as some other products out there:
Thank-you. I will definately look into the ProMeris!
I use revolution(Pfizer) that controls heartworm, fleas, tics and some parasites. I get it for $12 a dose(1 month) and last summer we had no problems. I will see what happens in the spring when the tic season hits. Cheaper than applying two different drugs and less drugs on my dogs are better IMO!

I'm all for saving money, I used to get my frontline from Fosters and Smith on-line. Just know that if your dog develops a reaction to the medications, the company that produced the medication will not honor the guarantee and they will not cover vet costs incurred for treating the reaction. I never knew this and I always like folks to be fully informed.

You may now resume your regularly scheduled forum reading, already in progress!!!
I have always found the best price on advantix from
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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