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After four days in NE Ohio without rain, it was definitely time to mow the backyard.

I woke up and took care of the pack, then turned on a Hawaii 5-0 rerun with a bowl of stew. And the thunder started.

I tried to ignore the thunder and eat the stew, but it got louder and I finally decided that I better get far field mowed while it was still relatively dry.

I got on the right shoes and headed out to the shed, pulled out the push mower and then dragged out the big guy. I got up on it, and tried to start it and.... It worked!!!! WoW!!!! Well that WAS a first.

So I drove it in front of my house, to the other side of the yard, and using calistenics I learned from Twister in the seventies, I managed to unclip the ex-pen, and then unlatch and open the gate while remaining atop the mower -- so it would not shut off.

I turned it around an managed to get through the gate and about 2/3s of far field mowed when my lot started having caniption fits. I look down and there, in perfect heel position is an old fat border collie.

I shut down the lawn mower and headed out front where Sprint works in my yard. I called information because I think I know the guys name that owns him, but not his number. (I checked for tags, just a red nylon collar)

Information could not find him, and my neighbor came home and the dog went over there, so I followed. (It is a small community and maybe they know the guy's number)

Anyhow, I bang on the door and my neighbor tells me, yes it might be Tom's dog. I said, well, he is very friendly. He said yes he is, he was in my bed when I woke up. Whattt??????

His son and his wife were visiting and the garage was open, and they left the door to the house open, and well....

The poor thing was terrified of thunder storms.

Well, I told him I would see what I could do about getting him home.

I went back and locked him out of my back yard and got on my mower and it was DEAD. NOT GOOD. I pushed it to the gate. I pushed it back and forth and back and forth to get it through the gate. I closed the gate and got it through the x-pen, I pushed it 12 or more feet to the front of the x-pen. Then I pushed it all the way across my front yard, about 80 or 90 feet. Then back up the drive and into my shed. The dog took refuge in a crate in my shed. I was NOT amused.

I got my little guy filled with gas and push mowed the rest of Far Field.

I then called the vet, and after discussing many others of the same surname, we decided Tom's BC was not a patient. They gave me the number of the APL, where the dog warden works out of.

I called there. No answer, mailbox full.
I called the county commissioner's office -- office hours M-F 9-11:30, leave message.
I called the sherriff (dog warden's number is unlisted). They said that due to the holiday, she was probably not working. Holiday??? What holiday???? Columbus day. Who gets Columbus Day off????

Whatever. We are paying for a dog warden, (I pay more than most for this lovely service) I asked them whether they wanted me to throw the dog in the street to get run over. They asked where the dog was.

I told them it was in my yard, that I think I know whose dog it is, I just want to call them. They were helpful and patched me through to another of the same surname on my road -- had to be related.

They did not own any dog, and we had a coversation about Tom and his black and white dog, and they gave me his cell phone number. After a newsy message, I called him again and got an answer.

He said to let him go and he would come home. I told him half of my girls are currently in heat and he is driving them up a wall back there.

He agreed to come and get him.

He was slightly mortified and somewhat amused to hear that the dog had gone into my neighbor's bed. He told me the dog will not stay home if he is gone and there is thunder. Usually he hides in the barn up beyond my place. And other times he heads over to a barn on the other side of the over pass -- his mother's place. I know his mother -- my friends' grandmother -- yupp, really small community.

I told him about Arwen being gone and found weeks later 45 miles away.

This is farm country, and people leave their dogs on their farms.

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My neighbor had dalmations and they were all afraid of thunder. We live out in the country too, and naturally the neighborhood was full of dalmations. One particularly bad thunderstorm, the neighbor latched their dog to a long line so she wouldn't run off during the day she woke up to find she had leashed up someone else's dog and hers was under the car in my garage.

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LOL I can only imagine waking up to a strange dog in my bed. Around here though he would have been $200+ and had to go to court- roaming dogs are not okay in my neck of the woods. I'm glad you found the owner and the big fat BC is probably back home now safe and sound:)
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