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Interesting Behavior

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We are currently at the beach and Rocky is having the time of his life. Just wondering for those of you that take your pups to the beach, when he comes back from swimming (we play fetch into the ocean) he drops into the sand and rolls around.

I have posted some pics (in the first pic of him, he just finished shaking off after rolling in the sand)

Just curious if anyone else's pup does this, and if so, does anyone know why?
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My dog Keva does this anytime she gets water on her... even if it's just when I spray her with the water bottle (for corrections). I don't know if this is the same kind of thing or not?
I wish I could take Jesse to the ocean but it is way too far away but I can say, when Jesse's paws hit sand, he goes absolutely mental, and rolls around in it, runs around like a nut, and jumps all over the place
When Morgan was younger, she loved to roll in the sand. We live close to the beach so maybe the thrill is gone. If we go to a beach far from home, she'll do it if there's a patch of stinky ocean vegetation to muck around in!
LOL ok so next question how do I get all of the sand out of his coat? I think he is carrying around 1/2 of the beach.
Danielle, the beach we go to is an hour away, so they're mostly dry by the time we get home, and a lot of the sand has fallen off all over the car. When we get home we put them in the garage pen to take a nap and a few hours later the rest of the sand is on the garage floor and their beds. Any little bit remaining ends up on the carpet and gets vacuumed up later.

You could either hose him off with fresh water, or towel dry him as much as possible and brush him out. There will still probably be some sand in his coat until he's fully dry though.
My dog isn't dry by the time she gets home unless we walk to one of the neighborhood beaches. So I put out the kiddie pool for her to plunge into. LOL, this also helps with coat molt, seems to clump the creamy tufties together so they're easier to pick up!
Thanks for the help guys. We ended up buying a hose and baby shampoo.

We gave him a bath, and I clean "his" porch and we just kept him off the beach for the rest of the day. He is still so tired. LOL He is gonna sleep for a week.

Of course, even washing, drying, and brushing him did not remove all the sand. My car is a disaster, but Rocky had a blast.
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