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All dogs are different, what last for one will be destroyed in seconds by others. No dog toy is indestructible, it's only a matter of time. With that said, if you know your dog, you can usually find a toy that should last a reasonable amount of time.

Plush Toys, like Tuffys, Mighty, and GoDog are all above average for durability. Tuffy being at the top, especially their mega series. The key is to look for toys that would be more difficult to chew. Look for plush toys that are over-sized for your dog, and don't have small pieces sticking out. The Mega Ring and Mega Odd Ball would be a great choice for GSD. Plush toys are still made of fabric though. They should only be used for supervised plays. If your dog gnaws at it for extended periods he's going to get though it.

Rubber Toys, like Kong, West Paw Design, Planet Dog, and Cuz are great for dogs that like to chew. Each brand has toys that are more durable than others. Again, it's a good rule of thumb to look for toys that are a little larger for your dog. It makes it more difficult to get a hole started. Whenever you purchase a rubber toy, make sure it has two holes in it. This prevents suction in the toy that can suck your dogs tongue into it. For the really aggressive chewers, we've had good luck with Black Kongs, ZogoFlex Bumi, ZogoFlex Hurley, Orbee Diamond Plate Ball, Orbee Snow Ball, and the Orbee Soccer Ball.

If you ever need specific recommendation for your dog, please feel free to to message me, or contact our customer service department at 1-877-341-0633. We're dog owners, and know first hand what holds up, and what doesn't.

We really do want to help you find something that will hold up for your dog. That's why we offer the 30-day replacement guarantee on over 90% of the products we sell. If your dog destroys one of the covered items with-in 30 days of delivery, just return the items to us. We'll issue you a store credit that you can use toward another toy that may work better for your dog.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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