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My dog is not a real chewer - she had a red kong for ages...until our foster destroyed it last night, but she has always shredded anything she can get her mouth on, but we have the Dog Tuff Ring and they have held up really well. They actually sponsor one of the forum topics (I am in no way associated!). They are the only fabric thing she is allowed, other than ropes with all of the stringy ends cut off. I am only on my second since bringing her home 18 months ago, and the first one actually had a defect, where there was just the slightest frayed edge on the edging that she attacked and it went from there, so I always give them a good inspection in the store. The new one is probably 6 months old and it looks brand new. Their products have different durability ratings, I would only pick from the higher ones. They will replace a chewed thing once I think.
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