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In-Home Euthanasia?

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When the time comes, my mom wants to have Schatzi euthanized at home.

I was wondering if anyone has done this before and if you guys were glad you did it at home. She wants to do it at home because she doesn't want to take Schatzi to the vet, somewhere where she's not comfortable and unfamilar with, for her last moments.

For those of you who haven't had to make this decision yet, would you do it at home?
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Yes, I would do that. For me, it would be comforting to know that my beloved pet spent their last moments in their own home. I know that might not always be possible, if the pet is already at the vet's office and is in pain and suffering.
I haven't but a friend has- she just could bring herself to taking her pet to the vet and coming home without it. She said the vet was very kind and comforting, her dog was able to pass away in his own bed surrounded by the family
Yes. It's possible. I know of many vets that will make house calls to do this. If given the right circumstances, it will be the way all of my dogs go. I'd be too much of a mess to drive myself home- and so would my husband.
We did it with one dog and one cat, and will always try
to do it that way if possible. I am glad our vet offered
us that option, it seems so much nicer for the animal

Our vet and a tech came, and it was still incredibly sad,
(for them, too) but better.
I would like to do this in the future with ours as they reach old age. Unfortunately the last one we euthanized was very different circumstances and we did not expect to put him down, although we had prepared ourselves for it on the drive there. :( He needed x-rays and a full workup prior to making the final decision, so doing it at home wasn't an option.
Our vet does in home euthanasia. If that time ever comes about with my guy, he will spend his last moments at Home surrounded by his People ! :)
I have two trees planted in the back yard, one next to each of my passed on boys. Each time I look out at those trees, I am reminded of wonderful friends who have gone on before me ... sniff, sniff ! :cry: Max 12yrs and Charlie 14yrs
Yes, with rare exception our dogs have been euthanized at home, and if it is an option I would absolutely say do it. So much better for all of you to be in a familiar place..... Our vet also took care of all the arrangements for cremation, and we picked up the ashes from the clinic a week or so later.

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I took Dakota "home" to be euthanized and buried on my parents' property. Unfortunately, the vet office down there did not make home visits. Fortunately, my dad was with me when we made that trip and helped me bring Dakota home.

My vet here in NY offered to come to my house to euthanize Dakota had I chosen to do it up here. He doesn't do it as a habit with his clients but makes an offer to the ones he knows would appreciate the offer. BTW, he does it for free and charges nothing for the home visit OR the euthanasia.
Yes, unless it was an emergency all our dogs and cats were euthanized at home, by our regular vets, wherever we lived. It is one of my criteria for selecting a vet whether s/he offers this service, and whether I feel comfortable with a vet in this very personal situation. I prefer vet clinics where the dogs and cats see the same vet each time and we develop a patient/physician relationship. I don't want the youngest vet on the team whom I've never met before be sent out on a house call.
I think this is an easier way to go, having someone come to your house. When I took Willow in to the vet for the last time, we had to sit in the waiting room for a few minutes ... I know I made the strangers around me miserable when they found out what we were there for ... I had others crying ... and that part of the wait was just about the worst of it. She hated being at the Vet anyway.
Find a vet that will make a house call. Or a 'vet on wheels' - those are becoming more popular in my area, so maybe they are elsewhere also.
Bella was the first dog we had PTS at home. When the time comes, all of our pets will be sent to the bridge this way. I’ll never again have it done in an office.

The only weird part was getting her to the crematorium (we wanted her ashes). We had to take her there ourselves. My hubby and son’s got her in a sheet and put her in the back of our SUV. They knew we were coming – it was about a 25 minute drive. They were very nice at the crematorium but it was kind of weird driving down there with our deceases dog in the back. Even with that, I am SOOOO very glad we did it that way as oposed to a vets office.

BTW, we have a beautiful memorial of Bella. They did a paw print and cut a lock of her fur and her ashes are in a nice urn. All in all, they did a wonderful job!
I wanted to do an in-home with Doerak, but that requires an appointment in my area, and I didn't want him to suffer.

However, the emergency vet, and later, my old vet, both have special PTS rooms with a nice rug, sofa, some chairs, lamps and a table. The lights are low. So, when the day came for Doerak, I called my boss and told him I wasn't coming in. I stayed at home with him a while just to make sure that it really was time, then we went to the e-vet's special room. We watched the sun coming into the window and for the first time he welcomed the comfy sofa and just totally relaxed for about a half hour until I was ready.

It was fast and I had plenty of time afterwards to stay in the room. Then they wrapped his plastic bag up in a lace bedsheet and I drove his body to the pet cemetary.

He had been sick with cancer for almost a year, so I had time to research and plan this all out. Cremation prices really vary in my area. Some places charge twice what others do.
Next time now that I know it is an option I will do ours in our home. In a way I always hope of hopes they would just grow old and pass away in their sleep.

My soul GSD last year was PTS at the surgical center. It was a wonderful room they had but it was still a hospital.

The vivid memory of walking out to the lobby holding her favorite toy and empty harness and driving home to an empty house will always stick with me. I do not want that again.

Our little guy is only 5 months old so I hope and pray that there will be many years before I have to face it again.
I've never heard of vets making "house calls" here in MD to do it.
I've never heard of vets making "house calls" here in MD to do it.
Call and talk to your vet about it. He or she will most likely be willing to work with you.

I had one put down at home... He was old, very old and weak. It was peaceful.

My last girl.. she was at the vets. I had no choice.. my vet was not answering his phone at midnight and she was dying, and suffering.. I just wanted to end it as fast as I could. She was not happy and I feel so bad for her.
We had it done at home with our last shepherd Dakota. I don't think I'd ever have it done at the vets again.
We gave her a huge steak right before and then the doctor put in the IV. Three of us gently held her as her body relaxed. The sadest part about the whole thing was when the vet first got there she walked outside to greet him wagging her tail as if she was absolutely fine. sigh
The vet helped us put her in the truck and Dave took her to our land to be buried. Always a sad thing but 100% better than a cold sterile vets office.

For those who don't have a regular vet who will come to the house, call a farm vet, they make housecalls.
I think this is one of the less traumatizing ways to deal with this. I had planned to do this with my ol' girl Diva, when it became time, but she was never suffering or in any pain, and then one day she just went. It hurt like ****, and I can't type about it without tears, but I can't imagine how much more traumatic it would have been for the both of us if she were in an uncomfortable and strange place. Here she died on our doorstep, and whenever I sit outside there I feel connected with her.

I fell apart when we went to get her cremated, so I can not imagine what a freaking disaster I would have been to take her to the vet to put her down. So, for the both of us, it worked out that she timed it the way she did.

My sister euthanized her dog at home. She is a vet tech, and was very good friends with her boss, so it went very easy for her in regards to finding a way to do it. I didn't know it was common for vets to make house calls for this, so I'm happy to read in this thread how many people have vets that do this.

Anyway, I hope you can find a way to do this, and that it eases some of the pain.
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I have it done at home, and strongly prefer it. It was simply a lovely way to send my amazing friend off on to her next adventure. That said, I think it's important not to get too attached to the idea of at-home euthanasia.

Life doesn't always work out the way it should. I had a dog that got sick in the middle of the night, and while I would have loved to euthanize her at home (or at least in my vet's office, where she was very comfortable and adored all of the techs), the right call was to take her to the emergency clinic. They told me that they could try to keep her going until I could transfer her back to my vet. But I knew that would simply be for my benefit, not hers. So we sat on the floor of the exam room with her, and we said goodbye right there.

But I know others that held out. They had their plans and refused to take their dogs to "cold strange" clinics even though it appeared (to me anyhow) to be the right time to euthanize. I don't judge others, especially when they're facing one of the most difficult decisions of their lives. But the most important thing for me is that I don't ever wait even a minute too long.

I don't care if I've made the most wonderful plans, if I have the perfect vet that my dog absolutely adores lined up, and her favorite foods to be cooked in the refrigerator.. When it's her time, it's time.

I know that what my dogs really care about is that they're safe in my husband's and my arms. They've travelled everywhere with us. Home is where we are. I know in my heart of hearts that they just want when they take their last breath what they wanted most in life : to be loved and held. The details are simply that -- details.
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3K9MOM, that was very well said. Thanks for summing it up!
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