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In Home Boarding - Chicago Far West Suburbs

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Does anyone happen to have any referrels for in-home kennels/boarding? We are going to need to board Mandi in late July for one week and I cannot stand the thought of her staying in a kennel. Besides the whole idea of her being able to potty wherever and whenever and undoing all of my housebreaking, I would rather her be in a more relaxed home-like atmosphere.

I have found a couple of them in my area, but none that I am completely comfortable with. A few dont allow home visits or inspections and I dont think I could meet someone somewhere and be comfortable about leaving my dog with them without ever having had seen where my dog will stay.

I am out in the Batavia-Geneva area, but I am willing to travel into the city if I could find someone there I like and feel I could trust.
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Sent you a PM.

Sending you a pm also.
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