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I'm NOT reaching in there!!!

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So earlier this evening i got a craving for some Volcano Nachoes from Taco Bell. it was about 11pm. The gate starts checking IDs at about this time for people entering. I went and got my nachoes which were totally what i wanted. I took Shelby with me. She rode shotgun, head out the window sniffing all the sniffs naturally. As we were coming back in and i was getting my ID out of my wallet to show the gate guard, he yanks his hand back and says,"Ma'am.... I'm very seriously NOT reaching in there!" Shelby wasnt even LOOKING in his direction. She was oblivious to anything going on except looking out her window.

I laughed and told the rent-a-cop MP that Shelby may LOOK like a German Shepherd, but any time someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell, she runs and hides.

His jaw dropped.

He's standing there staring at the back of her head and stuttering. Then Shelby turns, looks at me and then at him and gives that goofy GSD tough hanging out the side of her mouth grin and goes back to looking out her window.

By now this guy is standing her shaking his head. One of the other guys comes out of the guard shack to find out whats taking so long. The first guy tells him about Shelby. The second guy walks around to the other side of the car and Shelby just watches him and the tail slowly starts wagging and beating on me until it's going with its full destructive force and she's bathing this guy with kisses.

Meanwhile, the first guy is still standing there on the drivers side. He stops shaking his head and says," Does she even KNOW how to be a german shepherd? I've seen Chihuahuas that have done a better job!"

Again i laugh. Shelby is beautiful. She's a gorgeous example of what the dog should LOOK like for those who LOVE black and tans. Personality wise.... she does NOT fit anywhere near the breed.

I dont think i'll EVER forget this BIG very muscular guy seeing Shelby and snatching his hand back faster than a lightning strike and then upon hearing her true very not GSD personality just standing there in shock. Poor guy. I think I accidently just crumbled his world all to peices with Shelby's personality.
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Funny how you have totally sweet dog and everyone is scared to approach but I have a dog dealing with fear issues who will bark and hackle up yet everyone thinks it's a great idea to quickly approach and try to pet her!
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