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Shasta is 6 months old. I am amazed at how smart this little girl is!!! She has learned sit, short stays, place (for when i'm getting their dinner), paw, other paw, high five, speak.... She's good on the leash but we're still working on getting even better. She's learning 'come'. She's learning not to be so obnoxious towards the cats and Titan who is usually our least likely to accept a new dog in the house cat is no longer growling and hissing and smacking at her anymore. Faith is usually our dog friendly cat and she HATES Shasta.

I took a leave of absence from work so i could not only have a great deal more time to dedicate to training Shasta as the better behaved she is come end of january the better but i also took an LOA to get caught up on a great many things. She is pretty much solidly potty trained. I honestly cant remember the last time we had an accident. She sleeps through the night in her crate though she isnt always happy about it. She's improved immensely in the car though she now thinks she's the one who is going to drive instead of the actual driver... but only when we go through a drive thru and through the gate into housing. She has started to want to sniff and maybe if she's in the mood say hi to the guard at the gate.

I'm anxious to see the adult she becomes...

I still miss having Zena around and i honestly think it would be immensely beneficial for Shasta to have Zena around but Zena as much as i love her, is a stubborn pain in the neck in regards to my husband and i'm the only one she'll listen to. temperment wise, Zena would be a good influence. She's patient and great with welcome visitors whereas Riley loves everyone and seems to enjoy growling (i think its cause he's a butthead) but yeah.

Things have changed so much since Shasta was 12 weeks old. She's come a long way and she's showing her confidence more and more each day. I cant believe my lil pup is growing up....

I think i'm mopey because my daughter also turns 3 tomorrow. Time passes so quickly that i'm almost afraid to blink for fear i might miss something. I think i may just quit my job so i can spend time with my kids while they still like me ya know?

K... i'm done being all mopey for now. Have cleaning to do and laundry to fold and if i dont do it, it wont get done any time soon...

Why does time have to pass so fast?!
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