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https://secure2. convio. net/aha/site/Advocacy?id=555

IL 2008 - Ban of Gas Chambers for Animals

Help put an end to gas chambers in Illinois

Make a difference today.

Help Eliminate the Gas Chamber for Animals in Illinois!

Ask your senator to support House Bill 4844 to finally eliminate gas chambers throughout Illinois

Representative John A. Fritchey has introduced a bill to finally eliminate gas chambers from Illinois! It recently passed the House, but we need your help to get it passed in the Senate before it is too late.

HB 4844 is a significant step in improving the safety and lives of animals and humans throughout Illinois. The bill would ensure that when Illinois’ unwanted, sick or unadoptable animals had to be euthanized, the procedure would be done humanely through euthanasia by injection (EBI). To help ensure these animals are treated by skilled professionals during their final moments, the bill would also require euthanasia technicians to be recertified every five years. If humane euthanasia procedures are violated, this landmark bill would also provide strict criminal penalties.

American Humane considers EBI to be the only acceptable means of euthanasia for animals in animal shelters. It is the method also preferred by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the National Animal Control Association and nearly all privately funded shelters. By comparison, even with vigilant oversight, euthanasia by gas chamber is terrifically inhumane to animals, not to mention dangerous to shelter workers’ emotional and physical health. Most shelter workers prefer EBI, because it allows them to hold and comfort the animal during the process.

HB 4844 will still allow licensed veterinarians to choose the method of euthanasia they practice, although veterinarians rarely, if ever, use carbon monoxide.

HB 4844 is currently in the Senate Rules Committee. Ask your senators, including Rules Chairperson Rickey R. Hendon, to support HB 4844.

This action alert is for residents of the following states only: Illinois

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Thank you <u>very much</u> for bringing up this most important topic, Cindy.

For those of us who live in Illinois, here's the link (from Cindy's post above) that will take you to a form letter (an e-mail) that will be sent to your state senator, expressing your support for legislation that will ban gas chambers in Illinois:

If you'd like to contact your state senator <u>directly</u>, here's a link for finding your state senator:

If you <u>don't live in Illinois</u>, please contact your friends and family in Illinois and ask them to get in touch with their state senators to support this legislation.

I have no doubt that many will want to contact their Illinois state senators, since this topic generated such interest when it was first introduced on this forum. <u>It pass in the House; now it's in the Senate</u>!

Please sontact your Illinois state senators to tell them that you support this important legislation.
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