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If you could get another GSD,what kind would you?

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Since I was little, I always loved the classic Black and tans.

Then I met my first GSD, a bi color. He was so handsome! Black with tan boots!

I have always admired the WGSD and the BGSD.

Romeo was my first sable.

When I came here I saw so many colors and varieties that I never saw before.

LH are so beautiful.

So are the reds.

I have never seen a blue but they look cool too.

Which GSD would you get if you could?
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definitely a solid black male - and possibly a long coat, but not sure - but must be allllllllll black ...

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i currently have a blk & (very) red LHGSD and a B/T bi color stock coat...

next, in order of preference would be:

blk sable stock coat
sable LH
bi color LH

i'd gladly take another B/R LH, but i'll probably wait until Tilden is no longer with me (which is 12+ years away i hope)
I love the German Showline black and tans.. I can't be without one
If I was to get a second though, I don't think I'd be able to choose! I do know it'd be a rescue though - doesn't matter what colour
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I currently have a black/tan LH, black/red plush, and a black/tan stock, my next one would be solid black or bi color or if the right black/tan or red comes along that
I'll start by saying I love them all, Meeka is a black & red, but IF I could have another, I would love to look for a silver sable.
German working lines ~ in color, silver sable or a dk red & black long coat is beautiful!
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Such a tough decision since I really do love them all! I really like the black and red longcoats (there's one in our puppy class and he's gorgeous!) but I am really liking the darker sables lately
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I've only had American style lines, have been happy with them and will stick with them.

My sister prefers German styles (she's had both working & show lines). She's also had a couple from American lines. My two favorite dogs of hers were Bear and Alex, both from German working lines.
I got my first GSD in 1973, Tasha, who was white. The next five Hooligans were also WGSDs.

I was given my first colored GSD in 1995, Ringer, a B/T. Within a week or two of getting Ringer, I also ended up with Honey, his B/T sister, and JR, his B/red father (both were unplanned).

Since then I was given another white (Kelly), a red sable (Mac), and two blanket coats (Slider & Bruiser).
I've never had a black though I think they're beautiful.

I guess the most important thing I've learned is that GSDs are all wonderful, intelligent animals regardless of their color. Today, color is the absolute last thing I'd look for when getting a GSD.
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Give me a black sable any day...have two red sables right now, and love their color, but be still my heart at the sight of a black sable!
Another rescued one.
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I don't have any idea. I chose Kodee, not realizing he was LH, and now I LOVE LH's (didn't know they existed, then was disappointed at first when I finally realized his coat wasn't gonna get any shorter). Now I think LH's are beautiful!!!

My next one, if it's not a LH, will probably be a sable stock coat...I grew up with them as a kid, and think they're great-looking dogs...

Oh, yeah - forgot to mention - my next one will probably be a rescue as well...
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Oh great question.

If I get to chose, I want a sable. OMG those dogs are georgous.

However, DH doesn't like the sables, he says they look mean. LOL I can kind of understand his point. First one he every saw was Bravo the drug dog barking at the camera. LOL He likes the black and tan.

It will be interesting to see what we end up with next.
I am looking into a pup or young green dog for SchH. I've never done SchH before, so it would have to be a pup with a solid temperament, but not over the top drives. That would be either a working line dog - which would likely be sable or bi-color - or certain west German line dogs - which would be black and red. I don't really care. I'm not partial to all whites, all blacks, or coats. I already have one LARGE coated dog and that's enough long coat for me!
sable, probably. i really like the way that they look. but i ADORE my babys black/tan coloring.
German Working lines...
I'd love to have a black sable, my 2 now are about in the middle of sable. But I am also a sucker for a bi or blanket black and tan. I also really like a dark mask.
If color was the only question, I would want a dark sable or solid black. Both of which just scream power and beauty to me at first glance. I probably will have one or both eventually if I'm lucky. The stars would have to align because color and coat are secondary to everything else I'd be looking for (drives, temperament, breeder, etc.).
If everything else I wanted in a GSD was there and I had the choice of color there's only two choices for me ...

Dark sable (never had) or Black & Red (everything I've had so far)

I would like a plush or long coat.
Originally Posted By: Ursa LunarAnother rescued one.
Yes, most definitely- they are certainly not hard to find, no matter the preferences. I'd go with another black/tan longcoat. I miss having a long coat to rubb my face into.

The dark sables LH are very pretty too.
I don't like the black/red GSD's -like the kennel Mittelwest has always on display in magazines. I find them rather ugly. GSD's shouldn't look like Irish Setters, but that's JMO.
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In my dream world I'd import a working line from Germany or Belgium, or even USA if I met the appropriate breeder. As it won't happen before two or three years... who knows, it could be true. THIS time it's gonna be the sable male I wanted. The darker the better, but temperamental characteristics are far above in my wish-list than color.

On the other hand... If it happens I have the money to import, I'm very tempted to own a Dutch Shepherd.
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