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We are convinced that Shadow (female) believes that anything pink in the house is hers. This is our fault mostly, I guess. Apart from myself my house is full of boys, so when Shadow came I went a little crazy with pink toys, blankets, balls, bowls, collars etc. :blush:
At the end of my bed I have a pink throw blanket, Shadow likes to lay on this blanket, she wont let any of the boys even touch it. If one of the boys even tries to lay on this blanket she will pull it out from under them. If we take her to the pet store, she will make her way to the pink ball/toy rather than the blue, green or yellow. But the biggest clue to her thinking all that is pink is hers happened when I came home from a few days away.
I had gone away for a few days with my younger son, my older son stayed home to look after the dogs and to go to work. Anyway I'm unpacking the car and handing my younger son his things and I've given my older son a gift I'd bought him whilst away, Shadow is going threw my bags, like where's my gift mum? I tell her there is nothing for her and give her a treat instead. Nope she doesn't want the treat, she wants the tops I'd bought myself. I take the tops into my bedroom, and go back to putting things away in the kitchen. Next thing we know Shadow is running from the bedroom with my new pink top in her mouth, :eek:. I'd bought 2 tops one pink and one green, she had no interest in the green one, but she wanted the pink one. Thank goodness she didn't rip it.
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