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If I want to get my GSD a friend...

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I am currently doing my homework so that I can start looking in to getting my first GSD. However, I already know in my head that I will want a second dog down the road. Possibly an American Bulldog or Rotty but more than likely another medium to larger breed dog.

What is a good age to introduce a second dog to a GSD?
Is it true that it's best to have a male/female combo or is this myth? Thanks for the tips!
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I think this runs into a lot of personal opinion here. I have 3 puppies right now all the same age with just a month difference between my girl and my boys. Many people will tell you this is a no-no. I have had two puppies in the house at the same time before. There was about a 9 month age difference then. I can handle this.
Others will tell you 2 years and they have lots of stuff to back them on their decision. I don't have any of that. Just my own experience and knowing what I can handle.
I think too that it depends on the dogs whether or not two females, two males, or M/F combo works best. I have known females that were real "bitches" when it came to any other male around. They just couldn't stand males at any time.
I am curious about you saying you want a American Bulldog or Rottweiler. Two very different dogs to me. Are you looking for companion dogs or for some sort of sport to interact with them? If you were looking at sport then I would suggest two similar breeds. Companion wouldn't matter to much what the breed would be.
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There's alot of reasons to space out the ages of our dogs, I personally have them about 5 years apart. That way I can easily spend all the time needed (AND MONEY) for one dog at a time, and feel hardly any guilt when adding the next puppy and then doing the same.

Selfishly, on the 'when my dogs get old' end, I NEVER want to have both my dogs with senior issues/bills and my mental sadness at the ultimate ending for them. When they start having accidents in the house, it's good that it's just one of them so I can keep up and still let them have free rein in the house. When they start becoming unstable and falling, or can't jump into the car or go up steps, it's good there is just one of them for me to worry about. And when it's time for me to start having to confront the final visit to the vet, it's good there is just ONE of them I have to consider.

On the front end, unless you have tons of free time (no life besides work and dogs
) getting 2 pups the same age takes alot of time and attention if you want them to 'be all that they can be'. Most responsible breeders refuse to even sell two puppies (or one if you already have a young dog) because it's almost setting up a situation for failure or at least hardship.

Some of the reasons are in these articles:
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There is NO WAY I would have less than a year (and preferably 18 to 24 months) between pups. It's enough "work" with 1 getting them housebroke, socialized and trained.

I also would NOT get 2 females UNLESS one is old. That is the only reason I have 2 females. One is a puppy and the other is 10yo.

I have seen first hand (and more than once) what can happen with 2 adult females. And it is NOT pretty. (Especially when one is a GSD.) Even if the first one is very good with other dogs, there is no way to know if the second one will be until she is an adult. And by that time, you have had the dog for a couple of years and are attached to it. There is a REASON people say: "Males fight for BREEDING rights, Females fight for BREATHING rights". Generally males don't TRY to KILL each other but females WILL While there are no guarantees with a male/female combo, I have never seen the bloodshed with a male/female combo like there can be with 2 females. My 2 older dogs are a male and a female and they have NEVER had even an "arguement" between them, let alone a fight.
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read my post "11 month old shih tzu with gsd pup". the folks here contributed with my purchase, and i'm anxiously awaiting my little guy to come home in sept.
I LOVE all the personal advice given.

In my head, I was thinking at about 2 yrs old I was going to consider introducing another dog. So, I am relieved to know that my thinking was right on the money. As for the M/F would that be somewhat across the board with most breeds? Meaning, would I need to talk to breeders for Am. Bulls and Rotty's to find out the same info to make sure I have the best odds at two good matches?

Danielle- American Bulldog or Rott are just my personal love for the breed. At this time, I would think strictly companion. I don't see myself having time for ScH, or any other sport because in a few years I will still have young ones in school,etc. Though, I dream some day maybe a good ScH or agility dog would really be a dream come true for me.

Robocop- funny you say that...I read your thread last night and it's great to hear you did decide to get your pup. Can't wait to see pictures.
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Originally Posted By: firefightrsflame As for the M/F would that be somewhat across the board with most breeds? Meaning, would I need to talk to breeders for Am. Bulls and Rotty's to find out the same info to make sure I have the best odds at two good matches?
I would talk to breeders of the other breeds too. BUT since one of them IS going to be a GSD that too obviously has to be taken into consideration. In other words if other breeders were to tell you that their females are fine with other females, that is all well and fine but the other dog has to be taken into consideration. Both times I have been involved with 2 females wanting to kill eachother, one was a female GSD, the "victims" were a German Shorthaired Pointer and a Siberian Husky. In the situation with the GSD vs the German Shorthair, they grew up together. (They had been together for 2 years.) All was fine UNTIL the GSD became an adult. Then the GSD decided that the German Shorthair needed to be ELIMINATED.
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